Site Assessment, a Tailored Service

Shield recognizes that each assessment project must be tailored to suit the client’s individual circumstances. Therefore, a phased program is typically developed to address the expected site conditions and client requirements. This phased approach allows for a cost-effective progressive evaluation of each site as information is obtained and allows for program revisions based upon actual findings. The environmental site assessment includes the following typical phases:

Phase I
The preliminary site assessment generally follows guidelines established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Society of Engineering Firms Practicing in the Geosciences (ASEF), All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI – the new federal standard which was activated in November 2006), various lending criteria, and includes state and local records review, a visual inspection of current site conditions, personal interviews and site use evaluations.

Phase II
If the Phase I assessment indicates the potential for contamination exists, a more detailed phase would be implemented to confirm whether contamination is present. The Shield audit team utilizes a combination of investigative techniques such as sampling and analyzing soil and groundwater, asbestos, lead, PCB’s, and the integrity of on-site tanks.

Phase III
Once it is determined that contamination is indeed present, an additional investigative effort, which is more detailed than the Phase II, is conducted to delineate the extent of contamination. Shield then makes recommendations as to the technical, regulatory, and economic feasibility of remedial (cleanup) alternatives. Remedial program costs can be estimated and are often used in transaction negotiations that may lead to escrow provisions or cleanup prior to the transfer of title.

Subject to the requirements of the responsible party,
Shield can continue the site assessment through remediation. Shield has the necessary resources and experience to implement a site-specific cleanup effort and to provide verification testing and post-cleanup monitoring.

Led by experienced project managers who are directly responsible to the client,
Shield’s project teams combine their experience in industrial and hazardous waste management, process engineering, industrial hygiene, air emissions, hydrogeology and environmental risk assessment. Beyond the technical competence and experience required to recognize significant site issues, our personnel have experience in working with lenders, attorneys, buyers and sellers that can make the difference in completing a property transaction and successfully limiting owner liabilities.

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