Impact Investigation and Delineation

Site Characterization activities are the backbone of Shield’s business. Our personnel have performed these services on thousands of sites in over 40 states and in over 20 foreign countries. Our clients have ranged from small private concerns to the very top of the Fortune 500 list. Our professional staff is comprised of the many diverse scientific engineering disciplines necessary to be successful in this arena.

Shield has the depth of experience in multi-media site assessment activities needed for today’s complex industrial sites. We focus on a rapid identification of the extent of
contamination in soil, sediment, surface water, or ground water as applicable.

We are experienced in developing and interpreting remedial action levels for hazardous constituents addressed by different regulatory programs. This helps us develop very focused site assessment strategies that concentrate on the contaminants and media of concern so that study time and dollars are minimized. We pride ourselves on taking a practical approach to site investigations and moving the project into the remedial action phase as quickly as possible if that step is warranted.

Applicable investigative services may include:

►Visual Assessment of Site Conditions

►Geophysical Surveys for Buried Structures or Materials

►Soil-gas testing for Volatile Organics

►Soil Sampling Programs

►Asbestos, Lead Paint, and PCB’s Assessments

►Monitor Well Installation and Testing

►Groundwater Sampling

►Contamination Assessments

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